Chilean Raisins

Chile is the world leader in the export of table grapes supplying about 27% of all grapes sold worldwide. In Chile, there are almost no vineyards for the production of raisins, prioritizing fresh exports, no wonder Chilean raisins are characterized by their quality and size.

Process: All our raisins are fumigated exhaustively when they are received as raw material. They are despatched, calibrated and subjected to a dedicated washing process under the standards of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). These processes and standards were developed by experts of the English Consortium of Food Producers in detail to ensure the safety and quality of the product to the final consumer.

Harvest: December – April

Shipments: All Year


Dark: Flame, Thompson, Crimson, Black Seedless, Red Globe

Golden: Golden with Sulfur Application

Red: Red Raisins with Sulfur Application

Humidity: 14 – 18%

Quality based on USDA standards

Ingredients: Raisins and Oil No GMO.

Packaging: 10 KN boxes. or 30 Net Lbs.

Brand: Sunny Silvestres (10 KN) – Villa Alegre (30 Lbs. Net) -Silvestres Raisins – White – and There is the possibility of making custom boxes at the request of the client

Country of Origin: Chile


Just as raisins, Prunes are a great source of energy, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Perhaps more recognized for its gastrointestinal regulatory action due to its fiber content and acting as a mild laxative. High in potassium, it helps regulate heart rate, neurological impulses and muscle contraction, as well as blood pressure. Rich in vitamins K, A, B-6, Rivoflamine and Niacin, as well as Iron, Manganese, Copper and other minerals good for your health.

Harvest: March – April

Shipments: May – December

Variety: Prunus Domestica

Color: Dark Red

Humidity: 28 – 34%

Quality: Tenderized, with or without pit via Ashlock depending on customer requirements.

Ingredients: Dehydrated plums, Potassium Sorbate (600 to 1,000 ppm), with or without Non GMO Oil.

Packaging: Boxes of 10 KN or 30 Lbs net.

Brand: Sunny Silvestres

Country of Origin: Chile


Considered the oldest tree fruit was known for its qualities and taste by our ancestors more than 7,000 years BC, originally from the Balkans and now present throughout the world, are produced in Europe, the Americas and obviously in Chile. Rich in Omega fatty acids, it is a great substitute for meats. Helping colon health by decreasing bad cholesterol, its positive effects on cognitive functions have been proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. They also provide high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals good for our metabolism.

Harvest: April – June

Shipments: May thru October.

Color: Extra Light – Light – Amber.

Humidity: 5% Max.

Quality: Grades 1 and 2

Packaging: 10 KN box, bags with modified atmosphere (MAP).

Brand: Sunny Silvestres

Country of Origin: Chile

Available Cracked or Inshell

Fresh Garlic

There are more than 300 varieties of garlic in the world, with Purple Garlic being the most consumed and exported from Chile. Originally from Asia, its beneficial antibiotic properties for health are known for thousands of years. With both cooking and medicinal uses, apart from its contribution to meals, it is also used as a remedy for cough, bronchitis, anti-microbial, cholesterol reduction, and immune system enhancer.

Harvest: November-December

Shipments: November to March

Varieties: Purple (Chinese type)

Size: 45-50 up to about 75 (in mm equatorial diameter)

Packaging: Boxes of 10 KN or 22 Lbs Net.

Brand: Sunny Silvestres